1.10 – A Thousand Years

*The song for this post is ‘A Thousand Years’ by Christina Perri.*

Tyler Memory179

After nearly 14 hours of labor and a couple day stay in the hospital, Carina was finally being released from the hospital so she and Tyler could take their newborn son home.

She sat in the wheelchair in the lobby holding Sebastian, their baby boy, as Tyler made sure everything was in order so they could finally leave. She looked down at the sleeping child in her arms, and smiled to herself amazed that he was really hers. ‘This sweet angel is really the product of true love…‘ she thought to herself as Tyler finally started pushing her wheelchair out to the cab so they could go home.

Heart beats fast
Colors and promises
How to be brave
How can I love when I’m afraid
To fall
But watching you stand alone
All of my doubt
Suddenly goes away somehow

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1.9 – Don’t Wake Me Up

*The song for this post is ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ by Chris Brown. I thought it fitting because Carina is still reliving her past with Tyler through her dreams/daydreams, and the last thing she wants to do is wake up from it and remember that Tyler is gone.*


Time was moving slowly forward for Carina. While she worked she felt like a zombie, just going through the motions of her job without actually putting her heart or brain into it. She did the same with her household chores. The only thing that even lit some sort of spark inside of her was caring for Sebastian.

She had developed a new routine since Tyler’s death… wake up, dress for work, go to work, do her job, come home and cry, check on/care for Sebastian, do household chores, shower and go to bed. The simple fact that she could remove her brain from almost all of these activities was the only way for her to effectively get anything done and keep moving forward.

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1.8 – I Will Find You

*The song for this post is ‘I Will Find You’ by Moya Brennan. I picked this song because Carina is still desperately searching for some part of her beloved Tyler to hold on to… even if it’s only through her memories. So no matter what, she will find him… :(*

**This post is dedicated to all of my readers! I am so sorry that I’ve taken such a long hiatus… but this semester of school has been insane =/ Next semester won’t be any better, but I will work really hard on planning my time out so I can get updates out for this story! That and I will be using my 4 week Winter Break to plan out chapters ahead of time XD So thanks to all of you who are still interested in this story! I ❤ you all!!**


As Carina slept, images of her wedding night danced behind her eyelids. She remembered Tyler’s touch… the warmth of his body pressed against hers… the taste of his kiss on her mouth… She automatically reached one arm over to where his head should have been on his pillow to caress his face, and awoke to realize her hand was caressing a cold, untouched pillow instead.

Hope is your survival
A captive path I lead”

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Dang it…

So guys, I know it’s Sunday and I said that I would be updating on Sundays, but my weekend got away from me… So there won’t be an update today =/ I have a big Musicianship exam tomorrow, plus a ton of homework, and ofc I didn’t manage my time well/work on the story when I did have some free time last week *sigh*

But I will get the next chapter out early this week, so keep an eye out!

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1.7 – I’m Yours

*The song for this post is I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. I chose it because it makes me smile and want to be in love, and it fits well with this chapter because it’s Carina and Tyler’s wedding chapter! And I feel as though they would pick this song as their wedding song <3*

I took some time, but Tyler’s mind quickly forgot about his encounter with the strange man with hard, cool skin. He mostly thought it was some sort of weird dream, or that his mind had been playing tricks on him. So with a busy schedule of sing-a-gram deliveries, his weekly gig at Chocolat, and his upcoming nuptials, he had more than enough to occupy his mind.

He and Carina had recently set a date for the wedding, and the day was just around the corner. He could hardly believe that after years of being with the woman he loved, that he was finally going to be tying himself to her in one of the few remaining ways he still could. Even though he was excited the day was arriving so quickly, part of him felt that it couldn’t come quick enough. He had a strange feeling within him that was telling him the sooner the better, as though he and Carina wouldn’t get to spend much more time together. He wasn’t sure why he felt this way, but knew better than to ignore feelings like this.

With this feeling ever-present in his mind, he wasted no time in visiting the business towers downtown to make sure that all the paperwork was in order for their use of the local church for their wedding service that weekend.

“Well you done done me and you bet I felt it
I tried to be chill but you’re so hot that I melted
I fell right through the cracks but I’m trying to get back”

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1.6 – Nothing Left to Lose

*The song for this post is Nothing Left to Lose by Mat Kearney*

After their last catastrophe with the toilet, Tyler and Carina had been fairly unlucky with things breaking in their house. If it wasn’t the toilet, it was the shower, or either the kitchen/bathroom sink. Today it just happened to be the TV. 

Of course the fucking TV breaks…” Tyler grumbled to himself. “It’s not like I just got home from running all over town delivering Sing-A-Grams and wanted to relax or anything! Nope. Not at all!!!

After Tyler got the TV fixed and sat down to turn it on and watch something, his phone started to ring.

You’ve got to be kidding me… This better be important!” he said as he reached into his pocket to grab his phone. “Oh! Hi my darling Carina. How are you?

Hey sweetie!” Carina’s voice said happily into the earpiece on Tyler’s phone. “I’m doing well. Long day at work, but you know how that is! Anyways, I just wanted to remind you that we got invite to that party by one of my co-workers. So be ready by the time I get home from work, okay?

Fuck… Baby, I completely forgot, and I’m just so tired from work… Plus I had to fix the damned TV on top of it all… I think I’m going to have to miss this one.” he said frustrated.

Ty, you promised! I told them we’d both be attending…” her voice dropped, disappointed.

God damn it… fine. I’ll be ready when you get home…” he sighed.

Oh good! I can’t wait to see you. And don’t forget to wear your tux! The dress code is formal tonight. Love you sweetie,” she cooed into the earpiece.

Love you too…” Ty said as he took the phone away from his ear and pressed the end button. “This is just… fantastic. I can’t wait to go to this damn party. Yay…” he said sarcastically to no one in particular.

“Something’s in the air tonight
The sky’s alive with a burning light
You can mark my words something’s about to break”

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I’m Back!

Hey all! I just wanted to let you know that I am back from my vacation, but unfortunately things are super hectic at home (of course right? >_<) so I won’t be getting the next chapter out today as I had originally planned… I will definitely be trying for tomorrow though! So please check back then 🙂

Also, as a side note, my next semester starts a week from this coming Monday (on the 20th) so I will be reducing the number of updates to once a week instead of twice a week. This is due to the fact that I will be taking 16 units this semester, not counting my youth orchestra that starts back up on the 20th as well, so I think I’ll be lucky to post once a week!

Thanks so much for your understanding everyone, and I hope you all are enjoying the rest of your summer!

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